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Getting a Little Kid to Shower

Like most little kids, Cerosha hated taking showers.  In fact, he would throw quite a fit when he was told he needed to take one.

There isn't a bathtub at the orphanage, so you can't entice kids to take a bath with toys for the tub.  But, I did have a pair of goggles, which I planned to give the kids to use when we swam in the river.  Who would have thought that these goggles would have such an effect on Cerosha.

From the time he received his neon green goggles, he wanted to wear them at meals, on walks, and even while watching TV!  And you never heard him complain about having to take a shower again.  In fact, he wanted to take one every day.

We might not always be able to change the world, but we can change one person's life, even if in small ways.  During the summer program, we have lots of opportunities to do little things that often lead to more profound changes in the future.  Every waterfall begins with just one drop of water.  And I'm sure Cerosha will be wearing his goggles.  Click here to support the summer program...

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