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Kids Helping Other Kids

When I met Danil during the 2006 summer program, I thought he was one of the kids living at the orphanage.  It's rare for a kid not living in the orphanage to spend time with the orphans, but Danil spent a lot of time doing things with the other kids.  And now he's studying to be a social worker so he can work at an orphanage in the future.

Danil's mom, Tatiana, who is the social worker at the orphanage, shared with us the positive influence the volunteers have had with the kids at the orphanage, but also with her own son.  Positive male role models are in short supply, both at the orphanage and in Danil's life.  So it meant a lot to Tatiana that we enjoy having Danil around during our stays in Russia.  We look forward to the day when Danil can be the positive male role model for kids who are desperately in need of one, and we cannot think of someone better suited for the job.

We've had the opportunity to meet a lot of people in Russia during the summer program, and many of them end up continuing to work with the kids at the orphanages even when we are not there, helping coordinate the program each year, and keeping us updated throughout the year about what is going on with the kids.  Although we are only there for about a month, we continue to use all of the contacts and friends established during the summer program to have a positive effect on the kids throughout the year.  Click here to support the summer program...

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