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Hugs All Around

Many of the children at the orphanages were taken from parents who are alcoholics and drug users.  And many of the kids have suffered from the birth defects and abuse that go along with such choices.  Many of them have learning problems, and most have emotional problems.

Grisha was no different.  Even at 7 years old, his speech was barely intelligible, and he could not read or write.  But he sure loved to hug and be hugged.  And no matter what was going on, Grisha was always there, in the middle of it, trying to fit in.

For kids like Grisha, the future is bleak.  He will be transferred to a "special" orphanage for kids to receive "special training."  These are actually orphanages where children with severe emotional problems and learning disorders are sent to spend the rest of their childhoods.

Although we cannot change Grisha's future, we can give him the "normal" childhood that all kids want and deserve during our summer program.  For one month each summer, Grisha gets to be just like all of the other kids.  There are lots of hugs to go around, but we always make sure to save a few extra for kids like Grisha.  Click here to support the summer program...

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