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Inspired to Be a Nurse

Like kids everywhere, the children at the orphanages have dreams.  But the odds of their dreams being fulfilled are often slim.  They have only limited educations and even fewer life skills when they leave the orphanages as teenagers.

Katya was different.  Several years ago, she met an American doctor who visited the orphanage.  Katya decided that day that she would one day be a nurse and came up with a plan.

The school Katya attended only went through the eighth grade, which would not allow her to go to nursing school.  So when she graduated from eighth grade, she began taking a 30 minute bus ride every morning to a nearby town where the school went through eleventh grade.  She did that for the full three years, even though no one else had ever attempted to do this.

When she graduated, she faced yet another obstacle, getting to the nursing school several hours away to take her entrance exams.  Determined to succeed, she shared with us her plan to take the evening bus by herself, to stay the night at the bus station, to take the exams the next morning, and then to take the bus several hours back to the orphanage.  You can imagine our horror listening to this plan!

Using our friends and contacts developed over several years of summer programs, we arranged for her to be chaperoned to her exams, to stay in a hotel so she was well rested before her exams, and to be brought back to the orphanage.  We are overjoyed to share that Katya has successfully completed her second year at the nursing school.

There are many kids like Katya living in the orphanages.  But most do not take advantage of the educational and job training opportunities available to them because they are overwhelmed by the red tape and unable to afford the expenses that occur when they don't attend the local technical school.  One of the goals of our post-orphanage program is to combine our local contacts with the necessary funding to help more kids like Katya realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.  Click here to support the post-orphanage program...

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