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Not Enough Love to Go Around

There’s a saying that actions speak louder than words, which is fortunate since my Russian is limited.  I’ve been asked many times how I communicate with the kids. While we do have a translator with us for much of the day, I've found that smiles, holding hands, and hugs speak much louder than words at the orphanage.

Nine year old Masha, just like all of the kids at the orphanages, craves our attention and affection.  For Masha, and many of the other children, words were meaningless, but a hug was priceless.

Like my little shadow, Masha, was a constant companion. When we would walk to the bus stop, Masha held my hand; when we watched TV, Masha sat next to me.  She made me a necklace during craft time and was thrilled when I helped her pick out an outfit at the mall. After evening snack, Masha would be sure to hug me before going to sleep. However, when I showed this same attention to the other kids, Masha would give me the cold shoulder. At first I thought it was funny and cute. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it’s not cute, it’s sad. Although the kids crave attention, there’s simply not enough to go around.

All kids deserve to feel wanted and loved.  And that is the primary goal of our summer program--to help provide the love and attention that every child at the orphanage deserves.  Click here to support the summer program...

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