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No Chance of Adoption

Nezdhana is a beautiful 10 year old girl. She is caring and helpful, gets along well with the other children, and has a smile that can light up a room.  You cannot help but be drawn to her, and she quickly warms up to new visitors.

But despite all of her great qualities, there is little chance that Nezdhana will ever be adopted.  Although babies and toddlers are always in high demand, the chances of being adopted drop dramatically as the child gets older.  But for kids like Nezdhana, age doesn't matter.  All that matters is that she is a Gypsy.  Because of stereotypes and discrimination, members of the gypsy culture are unwanted and almost never find loving families to take them in.

In Russia, orphans are often viewed as second class citizens.  They are frequently the victims of teasing and ridicule.  But for one month during the summer program, they get to be "normal", receiving all of the love and attention that they both want and deserve.  Click here to support the summer program...

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