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Post-Orphanage Program

Orphanage "graduates" who leave the orphanages when they are as young as 16 years old are most vulnerable, with only limited educations and lacking many essential life skills.

To ensure these children do not become another statistic, the goal of the Post-Orphanage Program is to link each graduate with a local mentor that will provide them with the assistance and guidance they need.  These graduates often do not take advantage of the opportunities available to them because of a lack of funds and the difficulties navigating the red tape of government.  Working with our local Russian contacts and the orphanage staffs, the program will assist with financial support to ensure all orphanage graduates are able to continue their educations, find adequate housing, and secure jobs. 

The Post-Orphanage Program will provide assistance to orphanage graduates who need assistance with living expenses when attending technical schools, repairing government provided apartments (which are not furnished and often come without doors or windows), completing the paperwork for educational and housing opportunities, purchasing adequate clothing and necessary supplies and tools for work, and tutoring.  Click here to support the Post-Orphanage Program...

These kids CAN defy the statistics with YOUR HELP.

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