Kostroma Kids Program



Facing Grim Statistics

Like young people everywhere, the 230,000 children living in Russian orphanages have dreams and hopes.  But despite the tremendous efforts of the orphanage staffs, the children’s needs are simply too many for the very limited orphanage budgets.

A Bleak Future?

Many children leave the orphanages as young as 16 years old with limited educations and life skills.

During their first year out of the orphanage:

  • 50% are pregnant, prostituted, or convicted of a crime

  • 40% become addicted to alcohol or drugs

  • 40% are homeless and unemployed

  • 10% commit suicide

With the help of our Russian and American volunteers and the efforts of the orphanage staffs, many of the children we work with are defying these grim statistics.  The number of children we can help and the number of programs we can create, maintain, and expand depends solely on the amount of funding we receive each year.  Click here to support the orphanage programs...

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