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Summer Orphanage Program

Nearly all of the kids at the orphanages have experienced great trauma in their short lives--physical and emotional abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, being separated from alcoholic or jailed parents.  They suffer from low self-esteem and are starving for love and attention.

The goal of the summer program is to show the kids that someone completely unrelated cares, likes them, and can have fun with them.  Our interaction is incredibly important to their future because it shows them that they are valued as individuals, there are people who care about them, and life is not a series of trials and failures but a series of opportunities.

Every day is filled with field trips to the bowling alley, ice rink, movie theatre, amusement park, arcade, or McDonald's, playing paintball, clothes shopping, riding go-karts, visiting the city center, watching a parade, visiting museums, taking riverboat rides, riding bikes, making crafts, hiking through the forest, singing karaoke, playing cards, listening to music, and swimming.  But what they enjoy the most is the undivided attention and love that they need and deserve.  Click here to support the Summer Program...

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